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Knight of the Living Dead…or something



So I was working on my class assignment, thinking about layouts when I decided to take a break. That’s right- I draw on my drawing breaks! I threw this one at the great Matt Jackson. The bottom sketch is a rough in my sketchbook from ballpoint. I refined it a bit on my second break from my phone (top doodle). Let’s see what he comes up with. You think you can best his script? Send it my way and I’ll not only do his version but I might pick yours as well. If so, I’ll send you a fully rendered copy- text and all. If I’m nice, maybe the originals too. Rules? The only one I can think of now is try to tell the story in two pages (I got homework yo!). Also, to be very clear, I’m at liberty to do what I want with your script- so no crying foul if I leave something out of a panel or it isn’t how you think it should be. Call it artistic license. Does anyone get paid from this? Who knows? Are you getting paid to write comics? I’m certainly not getting paid yet (well except for etsy), so if you are- hook a brother up! If you have writer friends interested in making comics, please tweet, Reddit, Facebook, stumble, postcard, call their mothers, etc. if you think they’d be down to try this. Script format? Google comic book scripts/plot outlines. I won’t dictate that to you, I’ll merely interpret what you have. Submit to voraciousink@yahoo.com and add subject : Mace & Flail.

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Welcome to my daily sketch blog run primarily from my smartphone. I left a corporate job a few years ago to work in comics and on my Art. Follow me, my foibles and triumphs as I do what it takes to improve my skills and make it in the comic book industry. Hey, it's either that or crying myself to sleep and I think I'm too cheery for that ;)

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