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Daily doodle: @GrimmReport thanks for supporting #TheDeadCrossingProject


We’ve repaid the Grimm Report‘s kindness by infecting Eric Wilder. Will the infection spread? The choice is yours! Pledge $20 or more on the Dead Crossing Project Kickstarter page. Can’t pledge? That’s okay too! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Tumblr or find me on Twitter @NguyeningIt #TheDeadCrossingProject


About nguyeningit

Welcome to my daily sketch blog run primarily from my smartphone. I left a corporate job a few years ago to work in comics and on my Art. Follow me, my foibles and triumphs as I do what it takes to improve my skills and make it in the comic book industry. Hey, it's either that or crying myself to sleep and I think I'm too cheery for that ;)


One thought on “Daily doodle: @GrimmReport thanks for supporting #TheDeadCrossingProject

  1. Zombified me is awesome! Thilled to help out with the project.

    Posted by grimmreport | November 4, 2014, 10:06 AM

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