Welcome to my daily sketch blog run primarily from my smartphone. I left a corporate job a few years ago to work in comics and on my Art. Follow me, my foibles and triumphs as I do what it takes to improve my skills and make it in the comic book industry. Hey, it's either that or crying myself to sleep and I think I'm too cheery for that ;)
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Daily Doodle: Ruined

Updating the progress of this scene. Doing some digital painting.


Daily Doodle: Housekeeping

Another character concept

Daily Doodle: Conceptually

I’m painting, then taking breaks to flesh out some character designs.

Daily Doodle: Always something new

What’s happening here? I don’t know…or do I? You’ll have to wait.

Daily Doodle: Going Wild with @Don_Empire_Ink

Don Walker has some things in the work. I thought I’d take a stab at his character Agent Wild. Here’s a fan art study.

Daily Doodle: Flat

I always wonder if my work in progress stuff makes sense to you guys.

Daily Doodle: Looking over your shoulder

Made Bats a little beefier.

Daily Doodle: Whatever you want it to be

I like it when you have the chance to explore your thoughts and try out some ideas.

Daily Doodle: Updating ideas

Trying a variation on an idea out.

Daily Doodle: Behind it all

I love the character Venom. When I was a kid, I read the David Michelinie/Todd McFarlane run. Although I wasn’t a fan of Erik Larsen’s Spider-Man, I thought he drew a fantastic Venom. I was excited when Venom was going to hit the silver screen, until I saw Spider-Man 3. I’m cautiously anticipating the new film with Tom Hardy in the titular role. How about you guys?


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