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Daily Doodle: Face time

This is from the concept work I’m doing. Oh, by the way, there is some movement on the storyboard project from last year. Fingers crossed for some more news and updates on that work.


Daily Doodle: To finish a panel

I had to break down this individual component of a panel. It just wasn’t working until I pulled this purse it to work on it as a full body shot.

Daily Doodle: Propulsion

Inked and ready to go!

Daily Doodle: Third time

Is the charm. This is my layout for the Jupiter the Space Pug mini comic.

Daily Doodle: Closer

I feel like I’m almost there.

Daily Doodle: Coverage

Starting to sketch some cover ideas out for my Jupiter the Space Pug mini comic. Turns out I have enough strips to put out a comic. So, in addition to Siren’s Song, a sketchbook is coming soon as well as Jupiter the Space Pug in print!

Also, if you’re in Los Angeles, don’t forget to drop by and say hi at my signing with Andy Nordvall Wednesday June 27th at both Comic Bug locations.

Daily Doodle: One

Words coming soon.

Daily Doodle: Knuk?

Wanted to make a specific knocking sound. Whaddya think? Trying to keep on track here with finalizing thumbnails and inking.

Daily Doodle: Looks

So, who likes inking?

Daily Doodle: Looks

So, who likes inking?


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