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Daily doodle: emblem

Just took a break from storyboards to put down an idea. 

Daily doodle: A real cut up

Finished yesterday’s doodle.

Daily doodle: Cutting it close

Warm up sketch.

Daily doodle: Influenced @SpencerandLocke @Peposed @JorgeSantiagoJr @ActionLabComics #fanart

If you stop by a comic book shop today, check out David Pepose and Jorge Santiago Jr’s Spencer and Locke. I had the pleasure of meeting David today and wanted to reiterate my congrats and thanks! I was sold on Calvin and Hobbes meets Sin City. I’d say they hit on that pretty well. Here’s some quick fan art for a really fun book. 

Daily doodle: No Bars

Sometimes, certain doodles just have to happen.

Daily doodle: Looking for that angle

Redrew yesterday’s image. Improved on the angle and body position.

Daily doodle: Figuring things out

Just trying to figure out a panel.

Daily doodle: Thanks again @WonderCon

Baby Death was out in his Flash cosplay and I attended some fantastic panels like one on Cinematic Composition with artist Stephan Franck and a panel on press coverage.

Daily doodle: The Climb

I drew this Hammer Maiden a while back, thought it would be fun to complete Deviant Art’s Sketch This Weapons challenge by drawing her ascending stairs with her war hammer.

Daily doodle: Family @wolverinemovie #Logan

FINALLY. Saw. Logan. Yes.


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