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Daily doodle: Starting @MarvelIronFist

Don’t ruin it for me! I just started and it seems ok. So I did a quick loose sketch.

Daily doodle: Expressive

Working on Pablo’s facial expressions. Also, here’s one or him drinking boba!

Daily doodle: Side eye

You know how I like doodling the Joker.

Daily doodle: just go watch @KongSkullIsland

A quick fan art doodle for Kong: Skull Island.

Daily doodle: Pick up sticks

Just finished my Pablo doodle. Enjoy 😉

Daily doodle: Work in progress

At a concert tonight so I thought I’d share a work in progress/panel study.

Daily doodle: testing

Testing thing out

Daily doodle: the Start

Thumbnailing Pablo’s comic

Daily doodle: Lift with your legs

Remember a while back when I drew Pablo lifting weights for my friend Carree? Well, I inked a preliminary sketch. Thought it’d be fun to see it finished and maybe recycle the idea later.

Daily doodle: Your aim is $#!+

Working on having Pablo look over his shoulder.


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