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Daily Doodle: Swiped

Today is Batman day and I thought it would be fun to pay homage to Gustav Klimt and Batman altogether. Dubious is a direct swipe of “The Kiss” but Klimt. I looked at it and copied it a close as I could, then went through to fill in some anatomy for my sake: to figure out placement. This is the start. Next, I’ll tighten the sketch and then digitally paint it. Figured it would be a fun share in the meantime.


Daily Doodle: Back to it

Working on last page of this project.

Daily Doodle: Blocking in

Going to try out some colors.

Daily Doodle: Making moves

Doing some inks, then color to figure out linework.

Daily Doodle: Missed

Apparently, my post from yesterday posted today. Oh well

Daily Doodle: Am I counting chicks?

Just doing a quick color key tonight and a facial expression in between the end of work and attending a concert. Cheers!

Daily Doodle: Paneled

The Surface is back up and running. I did the rough thumbs on my Galaxy Note, upped the resolution and tightened in the Surface using the tablet version of Autodesk Sketchbook. The odd thing with the tablet version is that you can only save in TIFF format.

Daily Doodle: Rework

Just reworking this part.

Daily Doodle: Redo

Daily Doodle: Do it again

Didn’t like the panel I was working on so I redrew it. Practice makes perfect.


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