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Daily Doodle: Castle

Freehand background drawing fun & practice.


Daily Doodle: Hark, the Herald

I think I put Autodesk Sketchbook’s predictive line tool to good use.

Daily Doodle: Slowly but surely

Working on the details on Galactus.

Daily Doodle: Surf’s up

See what I did there? Added some detail to Norin and going to work on Galactus.

Daily Doodle: Progress

Painted in the sky and blocked in more of the figures.

Daily Doodle: Blocking in color

I liked this doodle so I’m using it as a work in progress. I’ll do this piece and the Klimt-inspired Batman piece.

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 31

This image concluded Andy Nordvall’s and my Inktober collaboration, Siren’s Song. The last prompt was, “Mask.” We hope you enjoyed the process and the final images. We are now looking to print; so, keep an eye out!

Daily Doodle: The last one

The layout for the last image of #Inktober’s Siren’s Song.

Daily Doodle: #Inktober 30

The prompt for Day 30 was “found” and this was the finished image for Siren’s Song.

Daily Doodle: Breathing?

This is the penultimate layout for Siren’s Song. I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy this Inktober collaboration.



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