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Daily Doodle: Swiped

Today is Batman day and I thought it would be fun to pay homage to Gustav Klimt and Batman altogether. Dubious is a direct swipe of “The Kiss” but Klimt. I looked at it and copied it a close as I could, then went through to fill in some anatomy for my sake: to figure out placement. This is the start. Next, I’ll tighten the sketch and then digitally paint it. Figured it would be a fun share in the meantime.


Daily Doodle: Sentinel

Haven’t doodled a Sentinel in a while. Thought it was about time.

Daily Doodle: Liberty

I don’t think the background I originally did was enough; so, I fixed it. There’s a young man out there fighting cancer. If you’d like to help, please visit laughsforlanden.eventbrite.com . There is a fundraiser comedy show on September 22 in Chicopee, MA.

Daily Doodle: Blue skies, smiling at me

Just another day in the park…fighting cancer! This piece will be printed and I hope it’ll help.

Daily Doodle: Need a lift?

A friend of mine asked if i could help with a benefit art piece to raise money for a kid fighting cancer. What say you guys? F@¢|< cancer. Here’s my first pass.

Daily Doodle: Look

Daily Doodle: Rained out

Who freaks out when they’re driving in the rain? 

Daily Doodle: Mash out, peel out

And that’s a wrap.

Daily Doodle: Evening stroll

That’s gotta hurt.

Daily Doodle: Thwack


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