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Daily Doodle: Propulsion

Inked and ready to go!


Daily Doodle: Filled in

Thought it’d be fun to color yesterday’s doodle in a bit.

Daily Doodle: First time

Watching Stephen King’s IT from the 90’s for the first time. Then I thought about re-imagining the character Pennywise the Dancing Clown. I’m starting out with a Tim Curry-ish base.

Daily Doodle: Drawing Remix #ThisIsAmerica @childishgambino

I took the drawing I did and remixed it. I’m not obsessed with the music video for This is America.

Daily Doodle: Carry that weight

So if you remember I was doing this for a grant, but didn’t finish on time. I did, however, flesh out of my story and finish some pages which I’d like to share because I’m sure you’ll see them again. I might tweak some things here and there, but it’ll be ready for next year. I’m going back to working on Pablo, then polish this up. I might work out more of the story and do more pages for this book.

Here is the finished splash page.

Daily Doodle: Lit

So, chandelier drawn in instead of just blocked out now.

Daily Doodle: Clawed out

Then I inked it and added grays.

Daily Doodle: Castle

Freehand background drawing fun & practice.

Daily Doodle: Hark, the Herald

I think I put Autodesk Sketchbook’s predictive line tool to good use.

Daily Doodle: Slowly but surely

Working on the details on Galactus.


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