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Daily doodle: Moving parts

Finishing the frame I’ve been working on the past couple of days. This image will have some moving parts to it which will involve a shift in proportions. I hope you’ll be able to see it soon. 

Daily doodle: Little Deuce Coupe #littledeucecoupe #32Ford

Went to Anzo Borrego in San Diego county to see the wildflower bloom which hasn’t seen a level activity in ten years. On the way back, we stopped at a winery and I spotted this beauty. I didn’t want to take a creeper car photo as I don’t know who the owner was but decided to do a quick sketch instead.

Daily doodle: just go watch @KongSkullIsland

A quick fan art doodle for Kong: Skull Island.

Daily doodle: Panther power

Anyone excited about T’challa’s upcoming solo flick?

Daily Doodle: Portrait

Did a portrait of my best friend in Junior high and High School as he challenged me to do a more accurate portrait of him than a stick figure version that humorously extolled the wonders that are his facial features. I think I got the hair, eyelashes, brows and lips to where they need to be.

Daily doodle: Easy D #easyD #tracksuit

Because Heavy D & Eazy-E were already taken. Track suits & Easy D, yo!

Daily doodle: Smile like you mean it

You know how I love the Joker.

Daily doodle: Year of the chicken


Daily doodle: Send off #RIPJohnHurt #broom #Hellboy 

Just heard that the great John Hurt died.I thought I’d do a quick doodle before bed. I loved him in Hellboy as Broom. He really brought a lot to the character for me. 2017, what else you got for us?

Daily doodle: hope you had a great #mlkday #MLK #MartinLutherKingJr

Posting this early today as we taper off from MLK day. Yesterday I engaged in a conversation on Facebook with someone who dumbfounded me with their bigotry. I was saddened, not by the exchange, but for them as it seemed like they were just in a sad place.


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