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Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 23

This is the finished image for the prompt “juicy” on Inktober 23rd, y’all. Thanks everyone who’s followed, liked and/or read Siren’s Song for Inktober.


Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 22

The Day 22 prompt was “trail” and your can read the entire story at inktobersirenssong.tumblr.com .

Daily Doodle: waving

This is the layout for Day 19 of Inktober. Check out the finished project here.

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 22

The Inktober prompt for this day was “trail.” Hope you’ve been enjoying Siren’s Song.

Daily Doodle: Bad Surprise

I hope you guys have been enjoying both the final images and the layouts for Siren’s Song. You guys saw the finished version of this earlier. Note, I drew in pupils for the layouts but realized this didn’t work for look consistency.

Daily Doodle: From #Inktober Day 21

The prompt was furious and this undead looks none too happy. Have you finished reading Siren’s Song?

Daily Doodle: DEEP #Inktober Day 20

Andy demonstrates his writing chops by often forgoing the first definition of the Inktober prompt. Bounce on over to Siren’s Song to read this adventure if you’re just joining us.

Daily Doodle : Weight on her shoulders

Can you believe I’ve only gotten through a little over half of the images for this Inktober project here?

Daily Doodle: Put on a few pounds

I hope you guys have been enjoying Siren’s Song. We are coming to a close with Inktober so the images you see here are behind the story Tumblr and Instagram. Head over, check it out, and let me know how you like it.

Daily Doodle: Take a dip #Inktober

You should probably read the story by clicking this link.


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