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Daily doodle: Hauling #Baby Death #ComicCon #exclusives

I hope everyone had a great Comic-Con and some of you were able to get what you came to buy.

Daily doodle: I was looking for that #Baby Death #GreenLantern #SDCC2016 #comics

Anyone at Comic-Con for actual comics?

Daily doodle: #cosplay #babydeath #Deadpool

I always like to throw Baby Death in during cons and we haven’t caught up with him in a while. 

Daily doodle: Sad day


Baby Death is usually happy go lucky but today was yet another sad day in our nation’s history.

Daily doodle: Who’s ready? #SDCC2015


Baby Death is ready to get his cosplay on people !

Daily doodle: Prepping for #WonderCon


Are you ready?  Baby Death is!

Daily doodle: getting ready


Looks like Baby Death’s all set for Star Wars Celebration, Comic-Con and Wonder Con!

Daily doodle: Baby Death self portrait


Baby Death is rather expressive 🙂

Daily doodle: Happy thoughts


This wasn’t going to be what I posted today but my app crashed and the original won’t load so who better to bring happy thoughts than Baby Death?

Daily doodle: Come support #TheDeadCrossingProject


Head over to the Facebook page and give us a like! Baby Death is certainly a fan 🙂


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