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Daily doodle: Uncovered


Jupiter The Space Pug putting his powers of detection to use!


Daily doodle: Away we go!


C’mon, this is the best comic about a pug that you don’t have to read, right? Share if you or someone you know loves or has pugs:)

Daily doodle: Jupiter versus the Claw Monster


Today brings another new installment of Jupiter The Space Pug!

Daily doodle: Counterstrike


Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Daily doodle: Brakes


Enjoy this installment of Jupiter The Space Pug! Enjoy it now!

Daily doodle: Floored #NationalDogDay


Just wanted to celebrate National Dog Day with a Jupiter The Space Pug mini comic. Enjoy!

Daily doodle: Defused


I hope you’ve been enjoying Jupiter The Space Pug mini comics. If you have a pug, know a pug or just find pugs plain amusing, I hope these have given you or someone you know a chuckle:)

Daily doodle: Chumbawamba Y’all #tubthumping


Sometimes, it’s the little guys that show us real fortitude. I hope you guys are digging these Jupiter The Space Pug mini comics.

Daily doodle: Drowning #SpaceCadet #PugLife


Ask and you shall receive, @GrimmReport. Hope you guys enjoy this one of everyone’s favorite spacefaring pug.

Daily doodle: Exfil


I thought it would be fun to do some full comics from my phone now and then for you. The only problem is I haven’t figured out how to add fonts to Sketchbook Pro Mobile. Here’s a three panel Jupiter the Space Pug story for you guys! Time to go 🙂


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