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Um, gonna need a hand there #BabyDeath ?


Thank you to all who participated in the Baby Death giveaway. As you can see, we dropped the prints off today so I hope they make it safely to the winners. Here’s a scan of a print (I figure it’s a better look at it than a cell phone pic):

babydeathblockprintscanTo those who won: enjoy! To those who didn’t or missed out- keep an eye out for other contests and giveaways 🙂

Giveaway means FREE! Give us free! (Or you rather) #babydeath #giveaway #freeart #thanks

A few more hours left to enter Baby Death’s Print Giveaway! Good luck and thanks to all those who’ve entered so far. I’ll be picking winners tomorrow.

Nguyening It!


Why so blue? Because it’s an awesome color! Up for grabs are the first 5 Baby Death block prints ever!


Check it out! I just wanted to thank everyone who follows this blog. You know, I never thought there’d be 100 people who’d want to check in on what I have to say or do so you have my gratitude! So, before these even hit Etsy, 5 followers will have the chance to win the first 5 registrations of my first Baby Death linoleum block print. I couldn’t think of a better way to print him for the first time other than from a carved block.


These are pressed onto Strathmore Bristol trading cards (2.5″ x 3.5″) with turquoise block ink. How do you get one? No need for Facebook, Twitter, etc. All you have to do is be a follower and comment on this post. I’ll pick 5 winners…

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Baby Death getting autographs @AmazingComicCon #Vegas


As Baby Death is in line getting signatures and meeting some of his favorite comic creators at Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas, he’d like to remind you there are a few more days to enter his print giveaway. Just be a follower (etsy, the blog here, Twitter, or Facebook) and comment on that post. (Click the link for details). Thanks to everyone who’s entered so far and good luck!

Baby Death is off to @AmazingComicCon #Vegas


Um, I don’t think the TSA is going to let the scythe fly, little buddy. Bright yellow luggage is a good idea! Make sure you can see that thing from a mile. Anyhow, Baby Death is headed out to Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas. Hope to see you there. Not going? Well, then take the time to enter the Baby Death Print Giveaway! Free stuff? Aaaw yeah!

It’s okay buddy :( #babydeath #penguin Famished on @etsy shop news


Famished on etsy is away on vacation until next Friday as the wife and I are on vacation (moreso for her than me). It is with a heavy heart that I bring you some sad news: shipping prices have increased for international buyers. I recently discovered this when shipping to a buyer from the U.K. The cost of shipping was over double what I had originally listed. I had not realized there was such a drastic increase in international shipping cost. Instead of asking the buyer to cover the expense, I did what I felt was right and covered the overage. However, this meant I also had to go back and update shipping costs across the board for famished on Etsy. As always, I will refund overages on shipping as I try to charge enough to cover the cost of shipping, packing and fuel. Sadly, this increase may deter the shop’s wonderful supporters from around the world. So, I’d like to thank, in particular, the Canadian and U.K. shop supporters for their understanding.

Hey dudes! #starwars


What up shorty? As you can see, little felted Admiral Ackbars are coming along.

Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads #starwars


Well, they’re Mon Calamari heads so I suppose they’re more cephalopod than fish heads. Mon Cal? More like Mon Cute, amiright?! Three, three Admiral Ackbar heads, ah, ah, ah. I’m not cracked out or anything. Just wanted to show you guys I keep promises. Felted Admiral Ackbar will be returning to famished on etsy.

It’s a trap!


What could be going on here? Well, I restocked the shop with Baby Death and penguins and got started on Admiral Ackbar. Also, tiny AT-ATs will be making their way into the shop as well. Hooray!

Ewok nuggets


So I ran out of materials for my original Wicket the Ewok. Here’s my improvisation. We’ll see how it goes before I reintroduce him to the shop. Next? Admiral Ackbar!

Australian Cattle Dog, second piece


Starting on the second Australian cattle dog. The front you can see is pretty much built. I always start off with the head because everything is built in relation to it. That, and it’s where the personality of the piece lies within.


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