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Daily doodle: Was it a challenge?

Not sure if Nate Cosby from Boom wa issuing a challenge, but I drew it anyway. A guy fixing a bookshelf, a lady showing her hat, 2 kids underwater and 4 different shoes stacked upon each other. I saw TNT bookshelf as a makeshift shoe rack, and the people were at a resort. The jua are in a looking glass pool, the gus’s a handyman and the lady’s scarf has blown off.


Daily doodle: Warmup of @Neilhimself’s Dream or Morpheus from Sandman

I did a Morpheus/ Dream commission last year at Rose City Comic Con and it’s been lingering in my mind. I don’t draw Morpheus or Death a lot because I haven’t read either yet so I can’t honestly say I have a good feel for the beloved characters. Thought I’d try this punk-inspired rendition. I feel like the original character designs draw from the post punk and goth rock visuals of the Cure and Bauhaus. So what if we started the look a little earlier?

Daily doodle: Swing of it

I have a lot to work out on this page in terms of inking but I thought I’d at least get the figurative parts out of the way.

Daily doodle: Different weights


Inking and making progress on Pablo comic here and I wanted to show some variety in line weight. Also, you’ll notice from this cropped image that I extended the drawing way beyond safe, bleed and trim areas.

Daily doodle: Draw

Click here to see the timelapse video of warmup doodle.

Daily doodle: Different look

Trying out an idea for my Harley/ Ivy pinup.

Daily doodle: The plan

Working out yesterday’s image. The plan is to finish a series of pinups. The first thought is Poison Ivy & Harley back to back.

Daily doodle: Axe first

Starting from yesterday’s concept, I’m working it into Wally Wood’s three stage panel idea.

Daily doodle: Going at it

So I went to see Aquaman and Bumblebee last night. Didn’t hate either one. Was surprisingly entertained by both. Were they the best? I have to say I rank Aquaman behind Wonder Woman in terms of recent DC movies: not close behind though. It’s more like getting in when other competitors got disqualified from the race. I will say this, there were some really great moments of art direction. For almost two and a half hours, I felt like it was better paced than Bumblebee, which ran slightly under 2 hours but felt longer. My problem was the usage of CGI in Aquaman. The designed creatures looked better than the ones that actually exist in the real world that they used CGI to render. I loved that Bumblebee brought in G1 designs on Transformers. That was cool to see. If you have to go see a movie based on comics or cartoons this weekend, my money’s still on Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.

Also, started inking yesterday’s sketch.

Daily doodle: lockup

This is a variation on the Wally Wood suggested label of a panel being framed by an object. Yesterday I used his example of a window. Today, I try it using a jail cell with a young Bishop behind it.


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