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31 days of #Inktober completed. Here’s page 9 covering Days 28-31: Ride, Injured, Catch & Ripe.

I hope you enjoyed my third year completing #Inktober with Jake Parker’s prompts. Congrats to all those who completed and a part on the back to those that made the effort!


#Inktober day 30: Catch

I was just going to finish the challenge but I’m honestly spent. I’ll finish as orginally planned tomorrow… or today🤣 Also looking forward to finishing kickstarter reward fulfillment. 2 tiers left. Happy Halloween!

Daily doodle: Defused


I hope you’ve been enjoying Jupiter The Space Pug mini comics. If you have a pug, know a pug or just find pugs plain amusing, I hope these have given you or someone you know a chuckle:)


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