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Daily Doodle: lined


Daily Doodle: Looking ahead


Working out the look of this character for myself.

Daily Doodle: Layouts


Sean Aitchison decided to go in a different direction and requested all imagery be removed pertaining to his project. I’m happy to oblige and keeping these posts in place to document their existence.

Daily Doodle: Exercise

Just posting this freehand warm up for perspective and background drawing.

Daily Doodle: It’s the hair


Just doodling out this concept.

Daily Doodle: Paces


Still working out a final look on this particular character. I hope I can share more soon.

Daily Doodle: Thinking about it @redearth18


Working a bit more on this new pitch project. Trying out some design ideas on a character in the scene.

Daily Doodle: daydream

I did a quick warm-up sketch of Naruto.

Daily Doodle: heady

Working on characters.

Daily Doodle: Stylized @RedEarth18


takedownI have a few different things I’m working on, but one of the projects currently in my mind stems from Comic-Con’s Creator Connection where I met Sean Aitchison, a writer and artist. He sent me a character design he did and I did a loose sketch in a way I can easily draw the character. It’ll take a free more tries to get it where I want it. I how to get this turned around soon. I’ll keep you guys updated!


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