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I’ve been making a bunch of art & I hope you enjoy it !

I’ve been posting primarily to IG & Twitter but I didn’t want to leave my longtime blogosphere people out. So, I thought I’d post some highlights here. I hope everyone is safe and well during this pandemic. Also, you can still pickup a free digital of Pablo the Gorilla at AltFCD or Alt-Free Comic Day until the end of today. If you enjoy it, don’t forget to nominate it for the Ringo Awards at Ringoawards.com for all applicable categories!

Now for some original art!

Gearing up for @ComicConRvltn with blank variant sketch covers

Here’s a little preview of what I’ll be doing the next couple of days in preparation for Comiccon Revolution Ontario this weekend. Follow me on @Instagram if you’d like to preview the covers and/or claim them.

Daily Doodle: Stones

Thought I’d just go ahead and ink and color this in.

Daily Doodle: What did it cost?

Today’s warm up inspired by last night’s movie viewing.

Daily Doodle: Liberty

I don’t think the background I originally did was enough; so, I fixed it. There’s a young man out there fighting cancer. If you’d like to help, please visit laughsforlanden.eventbrite.com . There is a fundraiser comedy show on September 22 in Chicopee, MA.

Daily Doodle: Blue skies, smiling at me

Just another day in the park…fighting cancer! This piece will be printed and I hope it’ll help.

Daily Doodle: Shouldered

Tiny Bucky and Cap- I kind of want to leave it like this.

Daily Doodle: Need a lift?

A friend of mine asked if i could help with a benefit art piece to raise money for a kid fighting cancer. What say you guys? F@¢|< cancer. Here’s my first pass.

Daily doodle: Getting into it #Avengers


Didn’t want to spend too much time on a daily doodle, but I finished yesterday’s sketch. I fit about a dozen characters (or parts thereof) in there. I think I’m doing pretty well throwing characters in together.

Daily doodle: Continuing


Onto an Avengers battle scene layout. Quick rough sketch to figure out where things go.


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