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Daily doodle: Sting #MuhammadAli #Superman #RIPMuhammadAli


As in comics, I did a swipe of Rolls Press image of Muhammad Ali punching Cleveland Williams and mashed it with Superman a la Neal Adams and Dennis O’Neil’s book. Rest in piece to a great boxer and a man who spoke his mind and stood for something.

Daily doodle : Gloves off


Just working on coloring

Daily doodle: Stumbling


This one is from Vivotab Note again. I think I might have drawn Scott Baio: in which case, Charles is not in charge here. Here are some thoughts on my new Windows device and Windows 8.1 in general:

1. I wish Windows was a more simplified experience. Not simplistic- just simplified. I think the new tile UI is a good idea and they should ’86 the old desktop style. Straddling the fence is not helping here. Pick a side, make us long time users adopt. We’ll either stick with you or abandon you entirely but you should concentrate on one, unified UI and make it right.

2. Better apps: quality over quantity. First, Windows is befuddled and mired in its ambivalence. You hardcore Windows fanboys can sing its praises but these, to me, are facts: 1) Windows is confused 2) The new Office and Windows is convoluted (ribbons, ugh) 3) sharing through Windows sucks. Microsoft, please take some notes from Android on how to allow users to share files and images. Study the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

3. This device gets hot!

4. There are some promising things and interesting layouts achieved in Windows apps and I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.


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