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Overwatch #Batman @Pablothegorilla sketch fulfillment for #kickstarter

I think someone will be pleasantly surprised when they get this. The 2 most popular requests for sketches were Pablo and “surprise me. ” Lol.


Updating an idea.

I think this one will be fun. It’s a little McFarlane and Jock inspired.

Daily doodle: Full plate

Trying to keep order on things getting done. Working through coloring Pablo. I have storyboards to get to, posters to finish laying out like this one, blank covers to start working on, and more comics being made. I’m contemplating cutting back on this blog.

If you’re in Los Angeles, don’t forget to find me this weekend at the Comic Bug’s Free Comic Book Day Extravaganza!

Daily doodle: Returning

I started this awhile back, but I thought I’d block in more color as I take a break from coloring.

Daily doodle: Move

Didn’t like the way I sketched Batman’s position. I wanted a more fluid action, so I redrew Batman. I think this adds better drama.

Daily doodle: Working through it

Multiple works in progress. What do you think about this start?

Daily doodle: Overlooking

Just a quick warmup sketch.

Daily Doodle: Looking over your shoulder

Made Bats a little beefier.

Daily Doodle: Workaround

Since Autodesk Sketchbook updated on my phone, I’m not getting the sensitivity I need from it. Like variation it worse than it was before. I need to figure out a workaround.

Daily Doodle: Squiggle

Just a warm up.


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