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Daily Doodle: Blocked in

Starting to put color into this painting.


Daily Doodle: Swiped

Today is Batman day and I thought it would be fun to pay homage to Gustav Klimt and Batman altogether. Dubious is a direct swipe of “The Kiss” but Klimt. I looked at it and copied it a close as I could, then went through to fill in some anatomy for my sake: to figure out placement. This is the start. Next, I’ll tighten the sketch and then digitally paint it. Figured it would be a fun share in the meantime.

Daily doodle: emblem

Just took a break from storyboards to put down an idea. 

Daily doodle: A real cut up

Finished yesterday’s doodle.

Daily doodle: Cutting it close

Warm up sketch.

Daily doodle: Shadows

When artists talk about Batman, they always talk about how recognizable the silhouette is. I thought I’d just try some freehand doodles out. I just did quick, small outlines without a huge regard for anatomy. Then, I filled them in with thick,black ink strokes. 

Daily doodle: How many more? #sketchbook #Inktober

I went with the Autodesk prompt for today: sad. I don’t know why Robin dying came to mind.

Daily doodle: Happy #BatmanDay

Daily doodle: I forgot, okay? @WACOM @RoseCityCC

On my way to Rose City Comic-Con, I forgot my phone charger at home. I did a doodle at the WACOM booth today and forgot to take a picture of it…so I kind of recreated it here. Then I forgot my Surface charger at the hotel. The important thing is Mike Mignola is on my flight. Still a win.

Daily doodle: Practice thanks to @thebernardchang

I showed some drawings to Bernard Chang during Free Comic Book Day and he gave me some great feedback. Thanks again for taking the time to do so. Just wanted you to know the feedback’s not lost on me. I’m practicing and working at it.


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