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Daily Doodle: Propulsion

Inked and ready to go!

Daily Doodle: Third time

Is the charm. This is my layout for the Jupiter the Space Pug mini comic.

Daily Doodle: Closer

I feel like I’m almost there.

Daily Doodle: Coverage

Starting to sketch some cover ideas out for my Jupiter the Space Pug mini comic. Turns out I have enough strips to put out a comic. So, in addition to Siren’s Song, a sketchbook is coming soon as well as Jupiter the Space Pug in print!

Also, if you’re in Los Angeles, don’t forget to drop by and say hi at my signing with Andy Nordvall Wednesday June 27th at both Comic Bug locations.

Daily doodle: Watching the dog show


I thought the affenpinscher was pretty awesome.

Daily doodle: Grrr


A little continuation of the other project I’m working on. You guys may have seen the canaan dog doodle from the other day.

Probably wouldn’t have picked this one from the shelter


I’m working on concept sketches right now and I wish I could post them, but alas, I cannot. So instead, I’ll post some stuff that’s similar in thought process. Hope it piques your curiosity.

Making up for lost time! Ape-like, hellhound creature thing


You know, I hate to disappoint so as promised, here’s the second post of the day. I’ve been thinking about coloring a lot so I hope you guys dig this one.

Noodle 2.0 aka Soba Noodle

So after we reunited the original Noodle, aka Beef Noodle Soup, aka Tyson (his real name) with his family, my wife and I decided we were ready for a dog. We had looked at a few different rescues and were qualified but something told us that we should drop by the South LA Animal Shelter as we had seen a picture of a really scruffy Shih Tzu on their site. (Hey, we figured we lucked out with Tyson why not try a hand at another Shih Tzu?) The picture from the Animal Services wasn’t a very good one and unfortunately I don’t have the original. It was basically a blur of matted black and white fur in a metal box. It kind of spoke to us 🙂 Anyhow, I headed down there on July 23rd and met this guy:

He was matted and dingy, but he didn’t really have a care in the world other than wanting to come outside to stretch his legs, go pee on shrubs and say hi. I was smitten. I called my wife, we talked it over and decided he was the one for us. Turns out, based on where we live, we were charged less for the adoption fee. Got eight bucks off! (Looking back, it might have been a pity discount). Animal services told me that they don’t do grooming so they wouldn’t take care of his hair mats.  The only thing they did was give him some vaccinations and a flea bath. They informed me he had flea dermatitis, ear infection and kennel cough, so he’d have to wait for an all-clear from the vet before getting fixed. I scheduled a vet appointment and figured I could get him groomed and freed of some of those hair mats before the appointment.


I thought wrong.  Even though his vaccines were in order, he couldn’t be taken in for grooming because of the kennel cough which is highly contagious. The groomers were wonderful and said to bring him back when he was over his kennel cough, handing us a 25% off coupon. Yay! I thought I’d offer the little guy some relief and gave him a quick impromptu bath in the backyard. (check the results above! Dead sexy right?)


Noodle had been at the shelter for 8 days already without anyone expressing interest. It’s a shame because his Halloween costume is going to be a snap! Anyway, I got him to the vet.  Poor guy not only had kennel cough, flea dermatitis, matting and the ear infection, but was stricken with tapeworm and eye ulcers.  He was given a bunch of meds and the vet scheduled him for a grooming at their facilities (thank goodness). The aftermath of his grooming is below:

20130729_184640 20130729_184758Noodle 023Oh yeah, he got cold and we had to buy him a doggie hoodie. Yeah, we’re totally those people now. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this post on our new dog and I highly recommend dropping by the shelter. It’s amazing the number of animals they have (purebreds too- there was a beautiful red and cream Husky). I saw ducks and red-eared slider turtles in addition to the dogs, cats and rabbits.


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