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Daily Doodle: Rise Up

Finished the doodle and posted on instagram. I guess watching The Secret History of Comics and listening to the “Hamilton” soundtrack got me inspired.

Also, how cool is this?

Denys Cowan, one of the co-founders of Milestone Comics & co-creator of Static Shock gave me a like and left a comment on the Gram! Made my day. I was kind of speechless at first but I responded after I finished fanboying, lol. Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram too @NguyeningIt!


Daily Doodle: Lined

Inked yesterday’s doodle. I did an update of Static Shock’s look.

Daily Doodle: Getting Static

Any Static fans out there?

Daily Doodle: How I roll

Here’s another quick sequence I put together.

Daily Doodle: Fell hard

I made a gif out of the boards, thought it’d be fun to share.

Daily Doodle: daydream

I did a quick warm-up sketch of Naruto.

Daily Doodle: Spitting image

The punchline.

Daily Doodle: Dusty

What lies beneath?

Daily Doodle: the Drop

Daily Doodle: poof

This face


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