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Daily doodle: Rusty

I don’t know if you heard, but the official complete series of Big Guy and Rusty the boy robot just came out on DVD recently. I love these characters. Anyway, quick chibi Rusty is today’s doodle.

Daily doodle: Syzzurp #PopArt


Remember when old cartoons used to have alcohol and other dangerous substances marked with XXX?

Daily doodle: Why can’t I have the power? #Skeletor


So my phone died. This means I’ll be doing some doodles from my tablet.

Daily doodle: First pass


I was trying to make a cuter Rancor.

Daily doodle: I watched Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime show


And all I kept wondering is when the f*** is Voltron going to form?

Daily doodle: The OG 1


Where my Prime fans at? I thought Megatron was fun yesterday so why not roll out with the Autobot leader himself?  See what I did there?

Daily doodle: Don Mega


Any Megatron fans? I know some of you guys are G1 kids! C’mon!

Daily doodle: Rough TMNT sketch


I went with a lankier Ninja Turtle compared to Michael Bay’s yoked up versions.

Anyone remember Silverhawks?


It was sometime after the Thundercats came about. That’s today’s quick rough doodle. Don’t know what got me randomly thinking about that cartoon.

Remember when Saturday mornings were about #TurtlePower?


I grew up watching the cartoon and movies but I’ve always liked the monochromatic turtles by Eastman and Laird. Here’s today’s daily doodle with a nod to both cartoon and comics.


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