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Etsy store update

I know it feels like ages since Famished on Etsy has been updated but the dust has finally settled here (literally- it settled and then we had to spend days cleaning it up as we had work done to the house) and we’re getting back to business!

First up:

Ackbar2013 002The return of Admiral Ackbar! Rebel forces fear not! The Admiral returns to bring his wile and intellect to repel those darn Imperials.


Appa (7)The tiny, felted, sky bison Appa lands in the shop straight out of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Only four of these were made and only three of these are listed for sale.  Avatar Aang will probably be buying one so let’s just say there’s two left for you guys out there.


Last but not least:



The most economic of solutions in the shop: Baby Death trading cards. As you can see, the registrations for these are all over the place but that’s what makes them AAAAWESOME! Plus they’re under two bucks total shipping included. (Hmm, from the photo- the one on the right almost looks like he’s holding an Erlenmeyer flask).


Just click on the photos to be taken to the respective items on my magical etsy storefront 🙂



And the Baby Death print giveaway winners are…


Thank you to all those who entered Baby Death’s block print giveaway.  The 5 winners are as follows:


Congratulations! Winners were randomly selected from those who commented on the original giveaway announcement post from last Thursday.

I know there a bajillzoinks blogs and artists out there, so thanks for checking in every now and then and showing Baby Death some love. Now I’m going to try to figure out how to get in touch with y’all 🙂


Baby Death was wondering…


So, Baby Death was wondering if you’ve entered his giveaway yet. Entries will be closed tomorrow and winners will be announced soon!

Baby Death is off to @AmazingComicCon #Vegas


Um, I don’t think the TSA is going to let the scythe fly, little buddy. Bright yellow luggage is a good idea! Make sure you can see that thing from a mile. Anyhow, Baby Death is headed out to Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas. Hope to see you there. Not going? Well, then take the time to enter the Baby Death Print Giveaway! Free stuff? Aaaw yeah!

Giveaway means FREE! Give us free! (Or you rather) #babydeath #giveaway #freeart #thanks


Why so blue? Because it’s an awesome color! Up for grabs are the first 5 Baby Death block prints ever!


Check it out! I just wanted to thank everyone who follows this blog. You know, I never thought there’d be 100 people who’d want to check in on what I have to say or do so you have my gratitude! So, before these even hit Etsy, 5 followers will have the chance to win the first 5 registrations of my first Baby Death linoleum block print. I couldn’t think of a better way to print him for the first time other than from a carved block.


These are pressed onto Strathmore Bristol trading cards (2.5″ x 3.5″) with turquoise block ink. How do you get one? No need for Facebook, Twitter, etc. All you have to do is be a follower and comment on this post. I’ll pick 5 winners and we’ll square away contact info after you’ve been selected. The winners will be chosen in a week. Hope you enjoy these!


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