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Everyone’s favorite Cimmerian #conanthebarbarian #SavageSwordofConan

Did this pinup for the San Diego Comic-Con souvenir book submission. I went a bit Miami Vice/ 80s pastel for the palette. I did this because usually when you see Conan images, very warm tones are employed. I imagined the scene to happen on a giant outcropping of tourmaline. I had been inspired by crystal’s look on a recent Natural History Museum visit. This is one if my favorite recent pieces I did. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it!

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 24

A bit of handholding, am I right? Read it here.

Daily Doodle: Work it out

Layout for Day 24 of Inktober. Go here to see the finished image and read the entire story!

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 23

This is the finished image for the prompt “juicy” on Inktober 23rd, y’all. Thanks everyone who’s followed, liked and/or read Siren’s Song for Inktober.

Daily Doodle: setting up

This was the layout for day 22 of Inktober. Remember, you can read it all here!

Daily Doodle: Spread your wings

Yesterday, you saw the finished image. Today you see the layout for day 22 of Inktober. Don’t forget to read it all here.

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 22

The Day 22 prompt was “trail” and your can read the entire story at inktobersirenssong.tumblr.com .

Daily Doodle: Looming

This was the layout for Siren’s Song on Day 21. I really wanted the hands to be gnarled.

Daily Doodle: Layering it in

I hope you guys remember this image from Day 20 of Inktober. If you missed it, catch up here.

Daily Doodle: waving

This is the layout for Day 19 of Inktober. Check out the finished project here.


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