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Daily Doodle: Shaping up

I think I need a break from this scene and I’ll nights on to another. I’ve been at this one awhile and I keep futzing with it.

Daily Doodle: Looking

Don’t know why, but I had to jot this character down as a warm up sketch while waiting at the DMV.

Daily Doodle: Going back in

Now I have to go back in and make corrections.

Daily Doodle: Check

It just looked like I needed to do a check; so, I did.

Daily Doodle: Ruined

Updating the progress of this scene. Doing some digital painting.

Daily Doodle: Housekeeping

Another character concept

Daily Doodle: Conceptually

I’m painting, then taking breaks to flesh out some character designs.

Daily Doodle: Always something new

What’s happening here? I don’t know…or do I? You’ll have to wait.

Daily Doodle: Whatever you want it to be

I like it when you have the chance to explore your thoughts and try out some ideas.

Daily Doodle: Updating ideas

Trying a variation on an idea out.


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