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Daily doodle: That’s no moon #RedEye #StevenUniverse #StarWars #mashup

I had Steven Universe on in the background while I was working and the Red Eye episode was on. There was a pinkeye joke and that got me started on this daily doodle. It kind of took over my day. I didn’t work everyone into it, but I think I got the gist.

Daily doodle: Tatoo eenie meenie RT or repost if you love #tiny #starwars


I’m still on this marker tool brush in Sketchbook. Has it paid off? You be the judge. Anyone heading to Star Wars Celebration? See you there!

Daily doodle: #Disney crossover event #GuardiansOftheGalaxy #FarFarAway #BrownPride


C’mon- one of these guys is named Chuy! ¡Caray!

Daily doodle: People sometimes say dogs look like their owners


I wonder what Chewbacca’s dog would look like if he had one 🙂

A boy & his Wookie: the origin of Han & Chewbacca #starwars


Okay, here’s what I think really went down in the Han/Chewy origin. That slave rescue story is just a front.

What would Chewbacca think?

Seriously, what would Chewbacca think? You should ask yourself this question the next time you’re in the middle of repairing something. Silly, nerfherder. Sketchpad+ Note II= fun



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