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You know how I love to mess with the “S” #Superman @DCSuperman

I have loved drawing superheroes almost my entire life. If you follow this blog, you’ve seen me mess around with Superman’s design. This was floating in my head. The S isn’t quite right yet, but I wanted to get down this idea of the chevron design across the shoulder and chest area. It’s a composite of different outfits. I think Superman is a character that should be at the forefront of DC’s storytelling right now because the backstory, the crux of the character, is so within the zeitgeist of what’s happening worldwide.

Daily doodle: Messing with the S #Inktober #sketchbook #Superman

I like tinkering with Superman’s outfit. Today’s Sketchbook prompt was “flight.”

Daily doodle: #Doomsday #Superman #SketchThis


Completing as many Deviant Art Sketch This challenges with DC characters as possible. This one completes the foreshortening challenge.

Daily doodle: #BatmanvSuperman in 2 panels #DawnOfJustice #crayonstyle


The movie wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, it could have been better.    Ben Affleck did not ruin Batman. Also, when you see WETA involved in graphics, is there only one large creature form that they apply different skins to? Also, more Wonder Woman please.

Daily doodle: Halt, @WonderCon is over #BatmanvSuperman


The con is done and over. It was a lot of fun and there were some great experiences. I’ve heard a lot about Batman vs. Superman but I’m waiting y
to go make up my own mind.

Daily doodle: The S


I don’t know why I like to think about how the Superman costume could be different.  I suppose it has to do with how often it changes.

Daily doodle: Fly by


Daily doodle: How are you?


Super, I hope.

Daily doodle: Superman the grill


Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Memorial Day. Do you think Supes uses his heat vision to light the grill?

What if… #ManofSteel doodle


So I did a Superman doodle the other day and Eric Bennett from Awesome Shstart asked if there were any plans to do a finished image. I wasn’t thinking about it but then I figured it might make a good portfolio page so I thought I’d thumbnail it from my phone. Maybe I will complete the image afterall 🙂


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