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I’ve been making a bunch of art & I hope you enjoy it !

I’ve been posting primarily to IG & Twitter but I didn’t want to leave my longtime blogosphere people out. So, I thought I’d post some highlights here. I hope everyone is safe and well during this pandemic. Also, you can still pickup a free digital of Pablo the Gorilla at AltFCD or Alt-Free Comic Day until the end of today. If you enjoy it, don’t forget to nominate it for the Ringo Awards at Ringoawards.com for all applicable categories!

Now for some original art!

Everyone’s favorite Cimmerian #conanthebarbarian #SavageSwordofConan

Did this pinup for the San Diego Comic-Con souvenir book submission. I went a bit Miami Vice/ 80s pastel for the palette. I did this because usually when you see Conan images, very warm tones are employed. I imagined the scene to happen on a giant outcropping of tourmaline. I had been inspired by crystal’s look on a recent Natural History Museum visit. This is one if my favorite recent pieces I did. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it!

The process

A reverse look at my sketch I’m doing for reward fulfillment on the Pablo the Gorilla Kickstarter.

Daily doodle: Flat

Here’s some flat work on Pablo’s first comic book cover. Can’t wait for you to see how vastly different the final image is from this flatted piece. Almost finished and off to color the comic and start concept and character designs on the next project 😉

Daily doodle: Testing has begun

I have a few things to tackle and one of them is color palette. I’d like to go for a blocky, muted, almost monochromatic look for every page. I’ve been inspired by Jordie Bellaire’s and Matt Hollingsworth’s work. Pretty much a lot of Image books are influencing my artistic choices. Here’s a test.

Daily doodle: Snack time

Are you watching the Superbowl? No? Click here to watch a timelapse of the Hulk being drawn, inked and colored instead. Today’s warmup piece.

Daily doodle: Venomized @RunJewels logo after watching @Venommovie

Inspired by the end credits. Watch a timelapse of this being made. Took almost 7 minutes on my phone.

Daily doodle: Revisit

Awhile back I shared this drawing of Apocalypse. Today I posted a timelapse video of the inking and coloring of it. Click here to see it!

I hope you guys have been enjoying these videos and that maybe it helps with your creative process.

Daily doodle: Last Looks #HappyNewYears #NewYears2019 #HarleyQuinn

Happy New Year! I dug last night’s sketch so I finalized it.

Daily doodle: Couldn’t help it

So I just went ahead and finished it.


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