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ICYMI: Loose to fine pencils #Lobo #TheMainMan @DCcomics #fanart

In case you missed it, here’s the process.

A little while back… @Mikekorpi

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I previewed some character sketches for a project I was doing with my friend Mike Korpi. Well, I actually finished that piece but I’m going to be showing you that work here. As you may know, Wannabe Press’s Cthulu Is Hard to Spell: the Terrible Twos funded and is headed to production. Amazing people are still supporting art and creativity in this time.  It’s a tough time for the world right now.  A lot of people are hurting. I hope artwork and stories can help alleviate some if the anxiety and give people escape.  As always, thanks for being here.

So much happening… @MikeKorpi

Hi friends! Long time no see! Let’s start with the fact I just finished a comic submission with my friend Mike Korpi and it’ll be part of bigger anthology that you won’t want to miss. I’ll fill you in soon!

Here’s the start of my next project- also with Mike! Well, I actually started awhile back but I’m drawing character concepts right now.

Can you believe January is almost over?! Yikes

Daily doodle: Smash #Inktober


Just random line work and experimentation with digital inking.

Daily doodle: It’s time for some payback! #SuperHustle


Introducing the caped hero that’s all about that money: Super Hustle.

Daily doodle: Ginger female Captain America?


Cosplay idea for anyone?

Daily doodle: Raccoon toss Guardians of the Galaxy style


Daily doodle: Luke Cage #PoundItOut


It’s the Power Man bringing power, man.

Do you ever miss your Big Wheelie?


Ghost Rider had to get his start somewhere right?

When I was a teenager…


I was a big geek that loved comics and was always trying to come up with characters. So, uh, not much has changed. Here’s a quick sketch of a character named Requiem that I had created sometime during high school. I thought it’d be fun to try to draw him again.


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