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A Nightwing Sketchcard

A little Nightwing sketchcard I did for Long Beach Comic Expo

A commission of Nightwing. My list for Wondercon is open.

Find me at Wondercon Artist Alley B-50

Daily doodle: Popped

Click this link to watch a timelapse video of this warmup digital painting.

Daily doodle: Worked over

Finishing yesterday’s image.

Daily doodle: But why?

Commissioned work, that’s why. Here’s a work in progress sketch.

Daily Doodle: huh?

Here’s one of my sketchcard commissions. This one’s Tim Drake Robin as requested Nola of PDX.

Daily Doodle: The Dream

Posting commissions from Rose City Comic-Con! Enjoy!

Daily Doodle: ¡Viva! Another @RoseCityCC commission

This was a fun commission to do.

Daily Doodle: Malb-Ak! @RoseCityCC

My very first con commission! My neighbor Joe requested a Zatanna drawing with a little Hamlet/Sugar skull interpretation. I think I got it 🙂

Etsy commission: Australian Cattle dog


This is the first of two Australian cattle dogs I’m making for a friend. They’re a very interesting breed in terms of body build. It’s almost like a long legged corgi. They have a stocky barrel-chested body and a head like a cross between a German shepherd and a corgi.

Needle-felting dogs


Art school wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but I did take a lot away from it. You hear a lot of “Art is not for everyone. We do not make public Art.” Doesn’t mean you can’t make Art for the public. What it means is that your Art should be true to yourself. Art does not cater to someone’s whim. That’s fine but that’s also just plain snobbish. The truth is you should be true to yourself but you shouldn’t be afraid of taking a commission or making something for someone else. No one is asking you to kowtow; obviously, you can make choices for yourself. Many artists and Art teachers seem to forget the historical fact that Art was a job. People got paid to make Art- to paint, to draw, to sculpt. So starving artist? Yes. Okay to sell some stuff and buy a sandwich? Even better.

I’ve always been fascinated by the domestic, the mundane…things you see everyday. I suppose that lead to pieces like a basket-woven tank and cleaning-sponge aircraft carrier. I’m also fascinated by what Art doesn’t deem Art. In the history of Art, ceramics and photography have fallen into that discourse. Art versus craft, design versus Art, etc. I suppose that’s why I enjoy needle-felting. A) It’s fun and B) I seriously think it holds fantastic sculptural possibilities. Here’s a couple Brittany Spaniels I’m working on.


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