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Daily doodle: Thanks again @WonderCon

Baby Death was out in his Flash cosplay and I attended some fantastic panels like one on Cinematic Composition with artist Stephan Franck and a panel on press coverage.

Daily doodle: #BlackCanary #cosplay #allsorts #allshapes #allsizes 

Yesterday Rose City Comic-Con’s Twitter shared a story from Gail Simone that just goes to show how the saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all” has been slowly fading from our culture. One cosplayer denigrated another after she had paid him a compliment. There was no need to go there. Sometimes, I find the most unexpected cosplay the most fascinating. I also feel that in order to cosplay, it requires a certain level of dedication and bravery which I do not possess. So kudos to you, Black Canary cosplayer. Aside from that sour encounter, I hope you had a great con otherwise. 

Daily doodle: To be fair #Maleficent #cosplay #HillaryClinton #SDCC2016

Yesterday, I did a drawing for a friend who wondered why there was no one who did a cosplay of Donald Trump as the Joker. Interestingly, in this political clime, I thought I’d see a Hillary as well. Nope. Usually during campaigns, you see political cosplay of candidates. A friend of mine becried, “What about Hillary?” He wanted her to be the wicked witch. Although the musical Wicked gave us a nuanced witch, I felt this cosplay character would be more appropriate: Maleficent.

Daily doodle: Who’s ready? #SDCC2015


Baby Death is ready to get his cosplay on people !

Daily doodle: Prepping for #WonderCon


Are you ready?  Baby Death is!

Daily doodle: getting ready


Looks like Baby Death’s all set for Star Wars Celebration, Comic-Con and Wonder Con!

Daily doodle: Vader’s Fist #501st


One of my favorite figures from Star Wars are the 501st Legion troopers: a nod to the hardcore cosplay group that does a great deal of charity work. Here’s a piece dedicated to them.

Daily doodle: I kind of need a Sentinel Cos-hoodie


So that I can pretend to capture my Marvel Legends X-Men


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