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Daily doodle: Hauling #Baby Death #ComicCon #exclusives

I hope everyone had a great Comic-Con and some of you were able to get what you came to buy.

Daily doodle: I was looking for that #Baby Death #GreenLantern #SDCC2016 #comics

Anyone at Comic-Con for actual comics?

Daily doodle: #BatmanvSuperman in 2 panels #DawnOfJustice #crayonstyle


The movie wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, it could have been better.    Ben Affleck did not ruin Batman. Also, when you see WETA involved in graphics, is there only one large creature form that they apply different skins to? Also, more Wonder Woman please.

Daily doodle: Toddlers & Tiaras…From Hell #Magik


The other day I drew Magik and then today I thought how awesome would it be for those children pageant shows to be toddler cosplay!

Daily doodle: It’s our time #yearofthemonkey #tet


Yes, Pablo, Gorillas are not monkeys…But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate like one.

Daily doodle: Chilly


For L.A.! It was surprisingly windy and chilly today. Check out Monkey ‘ Do’s threads.

Daily doodle: Who? Me?


Haven’t seen Monkey ‘Do in a while 🙂

Daily doodle: Oops River


This is the first Jupiter The Space Pug adventure of 2016. I was recently reminded of a funny story my friend Markus told me when a Roomba purchase was being contemplated. Markus could not stress enough how horrifying the Roomba was for his dog Peggy. This one’s for Markus, Jenny, Peggy and Oscar.

Daily doodle: Noodle and the one-armed bandit #SketchThis


Did a quick cartoon to complete the Deviant Art/Autodesk dream challenge. My dream had Noodle playing a slot machine in the front yard. It was odd.

Daily doodle: Hold on!


I thought I’d try to max out some panel space 🙂


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