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Daily doodle : Crushed

This is a concept I submitted. It might be used later. Keep an eye out.

Daily Doodle: Weapon H warm up

Quick warm up sketch of Weapon H…that I just found out about. Whaaaaaa? A character right in my wheelhouse and I just found it about him like a month ago.

I just picked it up and I’m going back to look up back issues. Have any of you guys been following this?

Daily doodle: Sit this one out

This page was kicking around in my head so I drew it out. 

Daily doodle: Welcome Back to the Land of the Tweeting @Todd_McFarlane #Spawn


Todd McFarlane’s Twitter account was hacked recently and he just got control of it again. It inspired my daily doodle.

Daily doodle: diving Cyclops guy?


Errrrrrrrr, yeah. One of those things that just comes about. Don’t question it.

Skwar Bar, that just don’t seem right


Radioactive polar ice fishing in black? I might have missed that memo πŸ™‚


Nguyening It on Twitter

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