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Daily doodle: Into the deep

Completing Deviant Art’s Sketch This action challenge with a Jason Mamoa-inspired Aquaman.

Daily doodle: On the way

Because more Venom! It was fun doodling him yesterday so I thought I’d continue by completing the Sketch This anti-hero challenge. 

Daily doodle: #Rebel #rip @carrieffisher #maytheforcebewithyou #princessleia

As I said yesterday, suck it 2016. Carrie Fisher, we salute you.

Daily doodle: #Severus #Snape #AlanRickman #suckit2016 #deviantart #sketchthis

2016 was not a good year for celebrities. This is my ode to Alan Rickman who has bought so much joy to the characters he’s portrayed. They are an integral part of my holidays with titles like Die Hard and Harry Potter. Rest in Peace, sir, as we near a year to your passing. This is also to complete Deviant Art’s Sketch This challenge of the theme “loss” which uses my Prince portrait as its prompt.

Daily doodle: #firestarter #darkphoenix #marvel comics @DeviantArt #SketchThis #thanks @HalHefner

I figured I had to complete Deviant Art’s Sketch This challenge “Fire Being” as my doodle of Firestorm was used for its prompt. I just had to draw one of my favorite characters to be engulfed in flames: Dark Phoenix. Thanks Sketch This family for the nod.

Daily doodle: Coming up the stairs

Completing the Sketch This challenge of what’s coming up the stairs.

Daily doodle: Checking out on the prison bus @imaginedragons #radioactive #sketchthis #deviantart

Completing the Sketch This Lyrics challenge. My inspiration is an update to a previous sequential based on Imagine Dragons’  song Radioactive.

Daily doodle: Bid goodbye

Completing Sketch This’ Changing Seasons challenge. 

Daily doodle: Do you want to play a game, Hobbes?

Completing the Sketch This Horror Mashup challenge.

Daily doodle: Facing It @iammariaborges #inspired

Completing Deviant Art and Autodesk Sketchbook’s post-impressionist challenge. I used a photo I found of Maria Borges as the source and then I deviated into what I felt was an almost a fauvist style. This was done in Sketchbook with the dry brush tool. 


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