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Daily Doodle: Back to it


Working on last page of this project.

Daily Doodle: Blocking in


Going to try out some colors.

Daily Doodle: Making moves


Doing some inks, then color to figure out linework.

Daily Doodle: Missed


Apparently, my post from yesterday posted today. Oh well

Daily Doodle: Am I counting chicks?


Just doing a quick color key tonight and a facial expression in between the end of work and attending a concert. Cheers!

Daily Doodle: First Looks


I was looking at some different Mohawk cuts on punk gals and I think I’m getting this down.

Daily doodle: Progressing


Starting inks to test my technique on the Surface Pro. It’s not as smooth as on my phone or desktop with a Wacom Intuos tablet.

Daily Doodle: Flurry

Adding some visual movement with painting.

Daily doodle: just go watch @KongSkullIsland

A quick fan art doodle for Kong: Skull Island.

Daily Doodle: Portrait

Did a portrait of my best friend in Junior high and High School as he challenged me to do a more accurate portrait of him than a stick figure version that humorously extolled the wonders that are his facial features. I think I got the hair, eyelashes, brows and lips to where they need to be.


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