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Daily doodle: Legroom #poisonivy #pinup

I finished my digital painting of Poison Ivy. As you can see over the past few days, it’s gone through quite a few changes. The general layout I started with is there but I corrected things as I went along. I brought the eyes in closer and straightened out the torso. I noticed the arms were a bit off so I corrected that as well. I exaggerated the sketch a bit but it didn’t look right as a painting. Enjoy!

Daily doodle: Shaping up

So the past few days I’ve been posting my progress on this digital painting of Poison Ivy in a pin up pose. I hope you guys are enjoying it. If you compare this to the work leading to it, you can see the changes I’ve made on the fly while working. 

Daily doodle: Under the bridge


Completing Deviant Art’s Sketch This challenge of drawing a troll. I went with bridge tool.

Daily doodle: Randomness


Sometimes, you just doodle whatever 🙂

Daily doodle: Buddies #rocketraccoon #Groot


Completing the Deviant Art and Autodesk challenge for favorite sci-fi heroes. I’m going with Rocket Raccoon and Groot for this one.

Daily doodle: Smash #Inktober


Just random line work and experimentation with digital inking.

Daily doodle: one for the kids


This is Ted
Who should have
gone to bed
But instead
Decided to tread
Along this wooded path
That led
To bright new friends
That filled his head
With wondrous thoughts
That did embed
Themselves sweetly

Whale fly by


Just having fun with digital collage. Drew power lines and the whale, cropped F-16 from the web and pasted it in there with my S-pen. Thought it’d be fun to combine marine, technology, urban, New and old tech.

Daily sketch


The cut and paste function on the Galaxy Note II is pretty handy. Here I used Sketchpad with fat tip and spray-can functions. I then cropped an image from the web, adjusted it in Photoshop Express and then dropped it into Sketchpad. I thought it would be fun to quickly draw up a CRT looking longingly at a bird.


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