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#Inktober Day 12: Dragon @inktober

Onto the next page with this panel.

#Inktober Day 11: Snow @Inktober

Technically, only the last panel is Day 11, but now you get the whole picture.

#Inktober Day 10: Pattern @Inktober

Do you see a pattern emerging?

#Inktober Day 9: Swing @Inktober

Today’s warmup.

#Inktober Day 8: Frail @Inktober

Because of the amount of work I have, I can’t spend all that much time doing Inktober. This year, I promised myself to make it fast, fun &, at times, a messy experience. I think that plan is coming along. I hope you’ve been enjoying this year.

#Inktober Day 7: Enchanted @Inktober

What? It’s been a week already?

#Inktober Day 6: husky @Inktober

Chunky T-rex, anyone?

Daily doodle: Happy #July4th


I finished yesterday’s sketch for y’all. Happy July 4th everyone.

Daily doodle: hard to hug


When we were kids, my cousin Vince and I would draw dinosaurs together. He was a huge paleontology fan back then. Here’s to seeing what I can do from memory.

Daily doodle: Prehistoric two step


Uum, yeah 🙂


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