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Daily doodle : Because ewoks, okay? #SWCA


Having a great time at Star Wars Celebration,  but I have ask these questions: first,  why so many queues? There’s a line to get into a line.  Just open the doors and have it people.  Second, why are the films not being screened in the arena where there is amphitheater seating? I sat behind a tall guy with a big head who kept fidgeting and stretching last night at the Revenge of the Sith 3-D premiere.

Daily doodle: Tatoo eenie meenie RT or repost if you love #tiny #starwars


I’m still on this marker tool brush in Sketchbook. Has it paid off? You be the judge. Anyone heading to Star Wars Celebration? See you there!

Ewok nuggets


So I ran out of materials for my original Wicket the Ewok. Here’s my improvisation. We’ll see how it goes before I reintroduce him to the shop. Next? Admiral Ackbar!


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