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My next two weeks…

In 2012, I left my job at a major think tank to pursue my dream of drawing comics. If you follow the blog, you have no doubt seen the progress I’ve made and the work I’ve put in to get better. Year after year, I built upon my skills.

For my Throwback Thursday tweet & Insta posts today, I talked about the amazing crossroad of luck and opportunity. In 2015, you may remember I had the chance to be on stage with the great Jim Lee, one of my comic idols growing up. I also lent the amazing Ed McGuinness my drawing pad. I received original artwork from both and was able to talk to them about drawing. I also got to meet Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos, 2 of the 3 artists whose work brought me back to comics (the third being Chris Bachalo whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting since). I geeked out pretty hard as a fan. I mean, how could you not?

However, I always wanted to be a creator. I kept drawing and learning. I’m thankful for an amazing support network that has kept me with jobs throughout the years. I’ve done commercial art, some graphic design and cartooning, commissions, concept art, and storyboards. I’ve made some web comics.

This year, Andy Nordvall and I put out Siren’s Song, available on Amazon , Barnes and Noble and any local bookstore by request. I did my first signing at the Comic Bug, here in Los Angeles.

Here are the next two things I’ll be participating in:

This upcoming Saturday, July 14th at Southern California Comics in San Diego, I’ll be joining an amazing collection of talent as we share our wares and prepare for Comic-Con the week after. If you’re in San Diego, I hope you can make it!

And, yes, this year sees me as a creator at San Diego Comic-Con. If you’re there, my schedule is above. Drop by, say hi and tell me you read this post!

I have a lot of people to thank throughout the years for this: my wife, Brian Stelfreeze, Steve Epting, Frank Cho, Jim Lee, Dustin Nguyen, Victor Glover from VZAAge. Nathaniel Osollo, Adriano DiBenedetto, Neal Yamamoto, Andy Nordvall, Matt Jackson, Mike Korpi, Suzanne Land, Ben Evans, Mike Korpi, Eric Wilder, Carree Michel, Christina Jordan, Maddie Gygli, the Comic Bug, Terry Mayo, Jose Cardenas, Will Van Stone Jr., Jorge Urbina, Jonathan London, Kevin Schmidt, Ry Rocklen, Bonnie Burton, Cory Doctorrow, Lucienne Silva, Kat Rocha, Josh Finney and anyone who ever purchased any merchandise or stopped by to check out my work. There are so many more people to thank, but I’ll stop here and get back to work.


Daily Doodle: Ape

Trying to think of this thumbnail’s flow. Usually, when working from a given script, it’s easy to burn through thumbs and do quick scribbles. Here as I’m writing on my own, not using another writer’s script, with a story that’s evolving, I find myself adding more detail to the sketches to help me think about things.

Doodling Spider-Man heads


You think Spider-Man is easy to draw right? There are so many ways to do it and I feel like drawing Spidey can make or break a comic book artist. You don’t want to be known as someone who sucked at drawing him. So I’ll work on it too.

On a different note, Noodle is actually Tyson. I found this out today because his owners came back from vacation to claim him. I’m sad to see him go, but I’m happy the little guy is returned to his family. I got the call from a neighbor a few blocks down that I had left my number with, in case he could figure out who owned the little guy. Word got around and Noodle, nee Tyson has been reunited. My wife and I discussed it and we think we’re ready for a non-exotic, four-legged, friend. We’re looking at adoption dogs.


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