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Daily doodle: Totoro


Here’s a quick doodle of Totoro. I did this with the felt-tip pen tool in Sketchbook Mobile. I didn’t use erase: I just tried to draw with as much continuous motion as possible. This gives it a very scraggly look at the edges. Also, my first etsy sale of 2014 was a felted Totoro!

Daily doodle: Magneto


Doodling felt concepts of my favorite muties has been so much fun that I thought I’d continue. Here’s ol’ Magneto.

Daily doodle: Concept designs for felted X-Men


So yesterday I did a doodle of a Sentinel concept for felting. Here are some X-Men to battle the Sentinel.

Daily doodle: Concept design of Sentinel for felting


I haven’t done a larger format felted piece in a while. X-Men versus Sentinel?  What do you guys think? I’m a bit under the weather unfortunately but the etsy  shop will be stocked soon. Finished are penguins and Appa from Avatar: the Last Airbender. Next up are Baby Death and mini Totoro. Then the plan is for Yoda and Admiral Ackbar to return followed by tiny AT-ATs. I’ll be looking to redo my felted Vader concept and offer prints (starting of course with Baby Death trading cards). All this while working on my comic art. 2013 was great but I’m excited for 2014. Hope you guys are too!

Two doodles for the price of one


First up is a quick rough of Appa from the Avatar: the Last Airbender series to show you a little bit about how I think of things when I do needle-felting. I normally don’t sketch ideas down, but I feel like it’s good practice and it saves some time in that it prevents mistakes.

Next up? Emo baby Minotaur:


I spy…


I just realized this morning that I didn’t post a doodle yesterday. I will have to double up! First, what’s this I spy? Bags of potential felted Yodas.

I took a break from needle-felting


To think about other things to needle-felt? I had felted Darth Vader awhile ago but it wasn’t a build I could streamline into multiples easily. Maybe I’ll find a way too simplify. What do you guys think?

What time is it, Baby Death?


Needle-felting time! Apparently some of the shop’s Star Wars items got a nod on Technabob about a month ago (I didn’t even know!) and the news spread across the interwebz to other blogs. Here’s a list of some of the ones I could find. My friend Tony alerted me to a posting on Boing Boing on Monday and it’s been quite ride since.

Geeks are sexy
Boing Boing
Laughing Squid
Airing News

Anyway, I have quite a bit of work to do so Baby Death is gonna have to lend a hand. The shop is sold out of many items so I’ll be fulfilling current orders before restocking. Thanks everyone for the support and love!

Needlefelting a custom order


Etsy, I have not forgotten about you. I’m just doing a multiple order for a friend. Here’s my progress so far.

Oh my God, that monkey has a pat of butter on his head!


Because Eric Wilder from the Grimm Report asked, I thought I’d share two of my monkey doodles. If you’ve ever purchased anything from famished on etsy, you’ll no doubt have received my business card and a hand drawn doodle of Monkey Toast (up there in the left). Monkey Toast started one day when I was staring at a piece of toast I felted and then wondered what a monkey made out of toast would look like. The newer monkey (which you’ve seen on this blog) borrows some cues from Monkey Toast but he’s his own monkey- especially with his rockin’ pompadour.


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