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Everyone’s favorite Cimmerian #conanthebarbarian #SavageSwordofConan

Did this pinup for the San Diego Comic-Con souvenir book submission. I went a bit Miami Vice/ 80s pastel for the palette. I did this because usually when you see Conan images, very warm tones are employed. I imagined the scene to happen on a giant outcropping of tourmaline. I had been inspired by crystal’s look on a recent Natural History Museum visit. This is one if my favorite recent pieces I did. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it!

Just because #themandolorian #naruto #narutoshippuden #babyyoda #Mondaymashup

Akats-yoda, anyone?

Daily doodle: H-E- double hockey sticks, boy!

Quick warmup sketch of Hellboy. What did you guys think of the trailer?

Daily doodle : Thanks @BigAdvFest for a fun weekend

Another fun sketchcard

Daily doodle: Sometimes it makes me Wonder @BigAdvFest

Well, Big Adventure Fest is drawing to a close.

Daily doodle : hammering out sketchcards at table D-05 @BigAdvFest

Doing that live art at Big Adventure Fest. Table D-05.

Daily doodle : Hard reset

Check the video.

Daily Doodle: @NGoldArt @Kickstarter #crowdfund http://kck.st/2ufqBz9

I mean, c’mon! I saw this by Nathaniel Gold and thought, this has to be made. He’s almost at goal! Instead of A spaghetti western, he’s calling it a banana western. Lol, support this project here!

Daily Doodle: Weapon H warm up

Quick warm up sketch of Weapon H…that I just found out about. Whaaaaaa? A character right in my wheelhouse and I just found it about him like a month ago.

I just picked it up and I’m going back to look up back issues. Have any of you guys been following this?

Daily Doodle: Working on it @ThePunisher

Like I said, I’ve been futzing with the new Autodesk Sketchbook Pro Mobile update. The brushes aren’t quite how I like yet so I’m tweaking them as I work.


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