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#inktoberday4: Freeze @Inktober

Like I said, I’m doing Inktober this year as warmup. Unlike the last few years, I’m also using traditional pen and paper. It’s all markers & inks: no pencils. I’m going with almost a rough storyboard style too. Also, a lot of portion people ask about the barbarian galon my convention banner. She was originally a daily doodle. Well, she’s this year’s Inktober project. Enjoy!

Daily doodle: Getting ahead

Taking a break from perspective lines to draw some lady faces.

Daily doodle : Final thumb

The last layout for Smuggler’s Curve.

Daily doodle : Right there

Smuggler’s Curve may have finished on Instagram but that doesn’t mean Andy & I are finished. We’ll be making announcements soon and we hope you can join us. Make sure to follow @NguyeningIt and @andynordvall on Insta and Twitter.

Daily doodle : Inset

Smuggler’s Curve, Day 29 of Inktober: I was looking to convey the prompt “Double” as Andy had written it. I think we both executed this idea well.

Daily doodle: Stay

I think this was a fun one.

Daily doodle: Pet peeve

Working on a pinup for Sketchy Bugs.

Daily doodle : Bare bones

Smuggler’s Curve sometimes had a bare layout like this.

Daily doodle : no handlebar

Check this layout, then check the finished page. The entire Smuggler’s Run comic is available on Instagram.

Daily doodle : Trying it all

Smuggler’s Curve was a chance to test the limits of working on a 31 day deadline as well as the limitations of making a comic on Instagram.


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