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Only 500 made #SDCC2019

Going to SDCC? Find one of these, take a photo & tag @NguyeningIt on Insta or Twitter. Better yet, Support the Kickstarter as we climb toward $5,000 funding & 100 backers.

Helping @ZanziberPOV raise money for @AmericanCancer. #ZombieBouquetToss #CBC4C

Taking time during breaks to help out John Rogers in the fight against cancer. John has set a program called Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer for comic book artists to donate their time in helping raise money by doing sketch covers to get auctioned. The proceeds go to the American Cancer Society… because f@€|< cancer.

Here’s my first remarked cover. I have a few more which I’ll turn in at @RoseCityCC.

Daily doodle: #leukemia #fundraiser #crowdfunding #teamBAM


I finished my work in progress that I previewed yesterday. As I mentioned, Ben is a kid who is fighting leukemia and is a big superhero fan. A friend of mine asked if I could help her with an image of him and his little brother as superheroes. He’s a Cap fan and his little brother digs the Hulk. Please visit Ben’s Go Fund Me page to help or spread the word by sharing it!


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