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ICYMI, people were offended by being called boomers last week. I saw “Boomer” trending and thought it was an Oklahoma thing but apparently it’s the millennial counter employed toward the Boom generation’s constant derision and scoffing of their beliefs (did I get that right? ). So, let me get this right (not taking sides), Boomers constantly taunt millennials but then are upset by being called what their generation is known as? I’m a bit lost. However, I’m pretty sure I read that comic and it’s Silver Surfer 😂.

Did this for a Pablo the Gorilla Kickstarter sketch reward.

Daily Doodle: Filled in

Thought it’d be fun to color yesterday’s doodle in a bit.

Daily Doodle: Warm up

Just a warm up doodle of everyone’s favorite herald of Galactus.

Daily Doodle: Hark, the Herald

I think I put Autodesk Sketchbook’s predictive line tool to good use.

Daily Doodle: Slowly but surely

Working on the details on Galactus.

Daily Doodle: Surf’s up

See what I did there? Added some detail to Norin and going to work on Galactus.

Daily Doodle: Progress

Painted in the sky and blocked in more of the figures.

Daily Doodle: Blocking in color

I liked this doodle so I’m using it as a work in progress. I’ll do this piece and the Klimt-inspired Batman piece.

Daily Doodle: Heralded

I liked yesterday’s sketch so I thought I’d expound on it.

Daily Doodle: Different look

Working out Galactus.


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