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#Inktober days 27-28: Dark & coat @inktober

It’s been fun & freeing not having to worry about clean line art this year for Inktober. I hope you guys are enjoying this comic!

#Inktober Day 27: Coat @Inktober

What is that? Ew!

#Inktober Day 26: Dark @Inktober

Almost there everyone! Let’s get it!

#Inktober Days 23-25: Ancient, Dizzy, & Tasty @Inktober

We’re almost there kids! Thanks to anyone watching on Twitch. I don’t get streaming much but i hope you’re having as much as I am! You probably hear one if my dogs barking quite a bit. Sorry! 😁

#Inktober Days 23-4: Ancient & Dizzy @Inktober

Rolling along.

#Inktober Day 23: Ancient @Inktober

Trying some things out.

#Inktober Days 21-22: Treasure & Ghost @inktober

Accounting, amirite?! This brings us to 6 pages.

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 24

A bit of handholding, am I right? Read it here.

Daily Doodle: Work it out

Layout for Day 24 of Inktober. Go here to see the finished image and read the entire story!

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 23

This is the finished image for the prompt “juicy” on Inktober 23rd, y’all. Thanks everyone who’s followed, liked and/or read Siren’s Song for Inktober.


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