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Daily Doodle: Take a dip #Inktober

You should probably read the story by clicking this link.

Daily Doodle: Pain in the side #Inktober

This is from Day 12 of Inktober, the prompt was shattered. I used Autodesk Sketchbook’s crosshatch stitch brush to create an old school newspaper effect with Eido in the foreground. Instead of coloring her in traditionally, I use the effect to separate her. Read it now!

Daily Doodle: This way! #Inktober

My blog’s images are behind the Inktober prompts but that doesn’t mean you have to be- catch up with every day Andy Nordvall and I have completed this far! This is from Day 11: RUN!

Daily Doodle: Watch out below! #Inktober

This is from Day 10, but you can get caught up here.

Daily Doodle: Get a grip

I hope you guys are enjoying the sketches being drawn for Inktober. Maybe it will help someone out there seeing how I go about my compositions. In the meantime, catch up with Inktober’s Siren’s Song.

Daily Doodle: Concentric

I wanted the circular nature of the nest echoed throughout the image.

Daily Doodle: Hang in there, buddy

Have you seen the final version of this? You can by clicking here. This was the set up for Inktober’s Day 9 prompt.

Daily Doodle: Crooked from Day 8 of #Inktober

Don’t just enjoy the art, get caught up with the story!

Daily Doodle: Sketchy

Concept sketches for Inktober

Daily Doodle: Shy #Inktober

Just so you know, the illustrations I’m posting here are a few days behind #Ministry and our story. Get caught up by clicking here!


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