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Daily doodle: Warmup of @Neilhimself’s Dream or Morpheus from Sandman

I did a Morpheus/ Dream commission last year at Rose City Comic Con and it’s been lingering in my mind. I don’t draw Morpheus or Death a lot because I haven’t read either yet so I can’t honestly say I have a good feel for the beloved characters. Thought I’d try this punk-inspired rendition. I feel like the original character designs draw from the post punk and goth rock visuals of the Cure and Bauhaus. So what if we started the look a little earlier?


Daily Doodle: Baby Death’s New Year’s #Resolution ?


Be more awesome 🙂

US Weekly style: who wore it better? Daily doodle


Monkey ‘Do versus Baby Death as Galactus- who do you think took this round?

Hey, open up!


This one goes out to Eric Bennett from Awesome Shstart. Baby Death comes across a pangolin.

Halloween may be over but @Comikaze is just getting started


Monkey ‘Do forgot the plan.

Because we all need hobbies #BabyDeath #HotAirBalloon


When I was a kid I really wanted to take a hot air balloon ride. Now? Not so much. What about you guys?

What does this lever do?


I’m a bit under the weather, but I thought I’d put up this quick doodle. Enjoy 🙂

What are you doing, Baby Death?!


This could be a slippery slope into a life of crime…or self expression. Yeah, that’s not creepy looking at all, Baby Death.

Oh my…


Hippo butt! Baby Death took a trip to the San Diego Zoo today and got up close and personal with some wildlife.

Um, gonna need a hand there #BabyDeath ?


Thank you to all who participated in the Baby Death giveaway. As you can see, we dropped the prints off today so I hope they make it safely to the winners. Here’s a scan of a print (I figure it’s a better look at it than a cell phone pic):

babydeathblockprintscanTo those who won: enjoy! To those who didn’t or missed out- keep an eye out for other contests and giveaways 🙂


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