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Overwatch #Batman @Pablothegorilla sketch fulfillment for #kickstarter

I think someone will be pleasantly surprised when they get this. The 2 most popular requests for sketches were Pablo and “surprise me. ” Lol.


Updating an idea.

I think this one will be fun. It’s a little McFarlane and Jock inspired.

I know #PDX got that #Zatanna love. I got you @RoseCityCC fans

Last year, my most requested commission was Zatanna. Would it be fair to guess we’ll see her again?

I’ll be at table BB-10 again this year. My commission still has spots so feel free to message me.

Gonna ink this #GothamRollerQueens #PoisonIvy #HarleyQuinn

Got to work out my background for this. Since it’s roller derby themed, I’m going to do it like an event flyer.

Daily Doodle: Blocked in

Starting to put color into this painting.

Daily Doodle: Swiped

Today is Batman day and I thought it would be fun to pay homage to Gustav Klimt and Batman altogether. Dubious is a direct swipe of “The Kiss” but Klimt. I looked at it and copied it a close as I could, then went through to fill in some anatomy for my sake: to figure out placement. This is the start. Next, I’ll tighten the sketch and then digitally paint it. Figured it would be a fun share in the meantime.

Daily doodle: Legroom #poisonivy #pinup

I finished my digital painting of Poison Ivy. As you can see over the past few days, it’s gone through quite a few changes. The general layout I started with is there but I corrected things as I went along. I brought the eyes in closer and straightened out the torso. I noticed the arms were a bit off so I corrected that as well. I exaggerated the sketch a bit but it didn’t look right as a painting. Enjoy!

Daily doodle: Alfred


Any of you guys watch Gotham? It got me thinking about the origin of Alfred. In the show, we learned he was SAS. So I doodled a young Alfred.

Daily doodle: Back to back #Batman #Wonderwoman


I started a blue pencil doodle thinking about what’s so wrong with trying to change how we perceive a specific character. Can’t lie, I’m not a big fan of it, but I did this doodle with the idea of being open-minded and what a nice surprise it can be sometimes when old ideas are shattered for fantastic new ones. That’s progress right?

Daily doodle: Rough Day #Inktober


This is what happens when I freehand buildings, hehe. One day I’ll do it and it’ll be awesome. Until then, enjoy figuring out which plane of perspective Damian is standing on.


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