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Daily doodle: That’s no moon #RedEye #StevenUniverse #StarWars #mashup

I had Steven Universe on in the background while I was working and the Red Eye episode was on. There was a pinkeye joke and that got me started on this daily doodle. It kind of took over my day. I didn’t work everyone into it, but I think I got the gist.

He did! #Hanshotfirst #starwars


Remember when you were in grade school and guilt was assigned by who struck first? Well, sometimes the best defense is a good offense right?

A boy & his Wookie: the origin of Han & Chewbacca #starwars


Okay, here’s what I think really went down in the Han/Chewy origin. That slave rescue story is just a front.

Why we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day


It’s what I like to call the Han Solo Method…okay, just totally made that up right now. Seriously though, my wife and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day because we don’t feel that you need to have one designated day to show your affection to the one you love. If you couldn’t do that on one or more of the other 364 days then you’re in trouble, Mister! So the thing is: we know. Besides, the day after really is the best day because 1) discounted Valentine’s Day candy and 2) my birthday. Don’t let us ruin it for you though if you’re celebrating tonight. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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