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Daily doodle : Keep on drawing

I think I almost have it. I simplified the hedgehog with better lines and larger shapes. I’ll convert to a vector drawing and work with fills to solidify the idea next.

Daily doodle : Redrawing

Trying to simplify this hedgehog design.

Daily doodle : Never right the first time

Took my sketch and started a first draft concept tattoo design. I wanted the fox and hedgehog to be geometric. I think the fox is almost there, but I need to simplify the hedgehog.

Daily doodle : the fox and the hedgehog

My wife asked what I thought about drawing a fox tattoo. At first I thought she meant a fox and a hedgehog together; so, I doodled these. In looking for references, I discovered that the Fox and the Hedgehog are actually part of a philosophical pondering. Did you know about this?

Daily doodle : Big eyes or little eyes?

Which is cuter? Same drawing, but different sized eyes.

Daily doodle : Why?

My wife asked me to doodle a hedgehog. This is version 2.5.

Daily doodle : Hedging

Just doodling something for the wife.

Beware the Hedgehog Army!


This just seemed like it needed to be done.


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