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Just a scribble from my phone.

Streamed this on Twitch last night.

Daily doodle: Smoldering

Come watch this digital painting of a Hellboy portrait. Just click here.

Daily doodle: H-E- double hockey sticks, boy!

Quick warmup sketch of Hellboy. What did you guys think of the trailer?

Daily Doodle: One down

I think I got the palette right.

Daily Doodle: Slung

It was more detail than I expected, but what can I say? I think I like drawing seafood.

Daily Doodle: Slinging ink

Can I say that if I do it digitally?

Daily Doodle: But first

I’m going to finish my San Diego Comic-Con souvenir book submissions. First up, this Hellboy pinup needed correction. You may remember it from before. I looked at it and realized I drew Hellboy’s arms incorrectly. I switched them.

Daily Doodle: The Shape

Working I getting Abe Sapien down.

Daily Doodle: Under water

Believe it or not, this is my first go at Abe Sapien’s face.

Daily Doodle: Getting it out there

My first thoughts to get things started.


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