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Daily doodle: Happy #Holla daze #happyholidays #merryChristmas #happyhanukah #joyouskwanzaa #canIgetawoofwoof

We might not agree on things but I will hope for love and respect for you and yours. This, to me, is what I wish for the holidays. Noodle is a shelter dog that has found love and a home. I wish this for other shelter animals as well. Please adopt if you can folks.

Daily doodle: Mele Kylokimaka #starwars #merryChristmas #happyholidays


It’s the Star Wars way to say Merry Christmas. Doodle to start off the holidays right!

Daily doodle: Holiday Style


You know, I use to wonder who checked in or paid attention to this blog. I started the account to post comics to Spicy Braun with my buddy Matt Jackson. That has become rather infrequent. Since I started using the Galaxy Note II, I’ve been trying to post a drawing every single day. Though not always successful, I think I haven’t done too poorly. Thanks to all those who follow and have posted comments or checked in. I appreciate it and hope you ‘ve enjoyed all the things that swim around in my head laid out visually for you. Happy holidays! Here’s a doodle of Noodle … if he was a logo. I used the felt tip marker tool for this one.

Daily doodle: He sees you when you’re sleeping


Happy holidays everyone! I was wondering what if Santa not only brought gifts for the good boys and girls but also brought some beatdown for the naughty with his naughty smiter stick?

Daily doodle: The holidays are about giving


But sometimes getting something totally awesome doesn’t hurt either.

Daily doodle: hope you finished shopping and shipping!


Baby Death certainly has!


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