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#Inktober Days 21-22: Treasure & Ghost @inktober

Accounting, amirite?! This brings us to 6 pages.

#Inktober days 16-20: Wild, Ornament, Misfit, Sling & Tread. @Inktober

I guess that makes 5 complete pages.

#Inktober Day 17-18 : Ornament & Misfit @Inktober

It just seemed like a good idea to do both days.

#Inktober Days 12-14 @Inktober

This page covers Days 12-14 of Inktober which include the prompts dragon, ash & overgrown. 2 weeks of Inktober down, 3 full pages of comics so far.

#Inktober Day 14: Overgrown @Inktober

Flame on!


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